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We offer online fiscal cash registers in Gdańsk Gdynia Sopot, the Tri-City area and the entire Pomeranian Voivodeship with full service and support of our specialists. Online cash registers are mandatory equipment for car workshops, hotels, guesthouses, gastronomy, and from July 1, 2021 also for companies in the field of hairdressing, cosmetic, construction, legal, medical care and fitness services. The devices communicate with the Central Register of Cash Units kept by the Head of the National Revenue Administration, which collects a number of data. The user must provide internet access through which the connection is possible. On-line fiscal cash registers Gdańsk provide a wide range of Farex Pro 600 and Pro 300 devices, ideal for entrepreneurs who provide mobile services and are not able to provide a permanent connection to the Internet. In addition, Novitus cash registers are available, which are characterized by ergonomic dimensions, user convenience and have the highest quality technological features. Additionally, the offer includes Posnet cash registers, one of the most popular lines on the market. The new Lite Online fiscal cash register was produced by FAWAG S.A., it is functional and easy to use. 

kasy fiskalne on-line

gdańsk gdynia sopot trójmiasto

As part of our service, we offer


Prezentacje oferowanych kas fiskalnych on-line w siedzibie klienta lub naszej.


Fachową pomoc w doborze prawidłowych kas fiskalnych on-line


Instalację i autoryzowany serwis kas fiskalnych on-line


Wdrożenia i szkolenia z zakresu oferowanych przez nas kas fiskalnych on-line


Dostawę oferowanego oprogramowania i kas fiskalnych on-line  do siedziby Państwa firmy.


Instalację i autoryzowany serwis kas fiskalnych on-line.


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Since first of July, 2021 running a business in the construction industry, see the offer of MONKOMP cash register Gdańsk. As authorized Posnet partners, we guarantee high quality of services and professional assistance. Meet online fiscal cash registers in the city of Gdańsk POSNET ERGO ONLINE, POSNET MOBILE ONLINE, POSNET POSPAY ONLINE. Cashless transactions, ergonomic sizes and the ability to take the cash wherever you want !


Cash register Gdańsk is the basic element of every doctor's and dental office from July 1, 2021. Small dimensions, durable batteries are just one of the many advantages of online cash registers. POSNET POSPAY ONLINE, POSNET MOBILE ONLINE, POSNET ERGO ONLINE is an excellent solution for medical facilities. If you are looking for a fiscal printer Gdańsk - POSNET TEMO ONLINE is a portable printer with an ergonomic size, which will be perfect for your office.


Do you run a beauty / cosmetology salon, hairdressing salon, or maybe you deal with manicure ? The Gdańsk ticket office from July 1, 2021 has become a must-have in every salon. Bet on neat and convenient online cash registers with an original appearance. In MONKOMP's offer you will find POSNET POSPAY ONLINE, POSNET MOBILE ONLINE and POSNET ERGO ONLINE cash registers, which, thanks to their properties, will be the right choice.


The Gdańsk gastronomy ticket offices should be present wherever food is served. This applies to restaurants, bars, canteens and in eateries - ice cream parlors, fryers and grocery stores with hot meals. From July 1, 2021 the obligation applies only to stationary establishments. Recommended ONLINE cash registers for gastronomy are POSNET POSPAY ONLINE, POSNET TEMO ONLINE. Irreplaceable fiscal printers in the premises are POSNET THERMAL XL2 ONLINE, POSNET TRIO ONLINE and POSNET ERGO ONLINE. Hassle-free and efficient customer service will make the work of waiters easier!



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